For many years, the serious consequences of a mild traumatic brain injury, post concussion syndrome injury,has been overlooked, ignored and largely disrespected by the medical community.

Only recently, the medical community has come to its senses and begun to recognize that post-concussion injury is a serious consideration in sports, including football injuries, hockey injuries, wrestling injuries, and other sporting injuries. However, the consequences of concussion injuries remains overlooked and underappreciated by the majority of the medical community.

The Schmidt law firm has been at the forefront of bringing justice to the victims of closed head injuries, concussion injuries, and mild traumatic brain injuries resulting from car accidents as well as other areas of personal injury. Respected medical articles recognize that the victims of car accident injuries are not properly screened in emergency medicine and urgent care, medicine in nearly 50% of the cases.

The staff of the Schmidt law firm routinely screens it’s the new clients who have been involved in a car accident injuries for the signs and symptoms of postconcussion syndrome. These symptoms include headache, blurred and double vision, mental disorientation, reduced cognitive function (poor memory, concentration, and comprehension), increased irritability (to light, sound, and commotion), dizziness and balance problems, and difficulty sleeping. Douglas E Schmidt, the senior trial lawyer at the Schmidt law firm notes that “Our initial screening shows that nearly 50% of our new clients who have been in a significant car accident have a clear-cut case of post concussion syndrome that has been completely overlooked by the medical providers. It is our job, as personal injury lawyers, to get our clients to medical providers who are astute with regard to the signs and symptoms of a mild dramatic brain injury or concussion.”

It is well recognized that you don’t have to
have a total loss of consciousness to have
a concussion!!! It is well recognized that
you can suffer a serious concussion without
your head striking anything!!! The forces
of trauma involved in a severe whiplash
injury are sufficient to cause the brain to be
slammed into the hard surface of the interior
of the skull in what is medically termed a
“coup-contracoup” injury to the brain.

The long term consequences of a concussion injury should not be ignored. It is well documented in the medical literature that any concussion places the victim at increased risk for more serious consequences with a lesser amount of trauma in regard to a later concussion injury.

Let the Schmidt law firm bring justice to you if you have been the victim of a closed head injury.

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Schmidt presents to National Webinar

Douglas E.Schmidt, senior trial lawyer at the Schmidt Law Firm is scheduled to present in a national webinar called Bringing Justice to The Victims of Neck and Back Injury. The webinar has been pre-approved for continuing legal education credits for lawyers in 24 states, including New York, Illinois, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvannia. www.schmidtlaw.org

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Schmidt Law Firm settles M& M case for $900,000.00

The Schmidt Law Firm recently got a $900,000.00 settlement for its client who had been injured in a car crash caused by a distracted driver feeding his wife M&Ms.
Visit www.schmidtlaw.org to learn about our other successes!

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10 Injuries That May Not Be Covered by Workers’ Comp

10 Injuries That May Not Be Covered by Workers’ Comp

Check out this interesting article about Workers Comp coverage!!

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Stay healthy during this heat wave by following these tips!

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Car Crash

60% of people involved in car crashes will suffer a concussion or mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Just 25% are diagnosed in the Emergency Room or Urgent Care.

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Its boating season! Check out these boating safety tips to stay safe on your next boating adventure!


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What you need to know when making a personal injury claim for concussion symptoms!

Found a great article on alllaw.com discussing the importance of evidence in a personal injury claim, specifically when concussions are involved.


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The new Pokemon Go game is leading some of its players into dangerous situations!


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Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyer Douglas Schmidt believes that, “Chiropractors have a big advantage over other healthcare providers when it comes to functional capacity assessments. They typically have hands-on experience with the patient many more times than the medical doctors. They have the opportunity to observe the patient’s response to treatment. They have the opportunity to observe the patient’s condition both at the beginning of the workday and at the end of the workday, thus allowing them to make a comparative assessment of how the physical activities of the workday have affected the patient’s condition.”

Schmidt notes that chiropractors offering use the various assessment tools such as the Oswestry Neck and Back Protocol, the Henry Ford Headache Disability Assessment protocol, and the Rand SF36 Assessment protocol.

Schmidt is currently working on the development of a comprehensive Functional Capacities Assessment protocol that can be used by Chiropractors.

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