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Personal Injury Myths – Schmidt-Salita Law Team

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Personal Injury Myths

Schmidt Law Firm has over 40 years experience handling personal injury cases in the Twin Cities we believe when you’ve been injured you deserve the best lawyer.

Myth- If you write the insurance company a reasonable letter, the insurance company will give you a fair settlement proposal.

Fact- The insurance company will always low ball with a settlement proposal.

Myth- When you are not at fault in a motor vehicle collision and the insurance company of the at fault party contacts you for a recorded statement you have no choice but to give a recorded statement or else they will not settle with you.

Fact- Say no and hire a lawyer before speaking to the insurance company and you have no obligation to give a recorded statement.

Myth- All lawyers who advertise their services in handling accident cases have the same ability, tools, and experience to handle your case.

Fact- All lawyers are different they all went to different schools, handled different cases, and studied law differently.

Myth- The insurance company for the person who hit you is obligated to pay your medical bills as they are incurred.

Fact- The medical bills are only one article of your damage. They will not pay them so you will not receive medical treatment. Then they will tell the jury you didn’t seek medical treatment so you couldn’t be hurt that bad.

Myth- All lawyers charge the same amount for injury cases.

Fact- Most lawyers charge on a contingency basis. That means if they do not make a recovery there is no fee. Different cases demand different fees.